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Hello Lovely! I am Destiny Brown entrepreneur, speaker, blogger. I am passionate about helping women develop a business mind and grow in their careers and daily life

Back To Where It All Started!

Some background on me: I am Jamaica-born now living in Toronto. I grew up in Montego-Bay, Jamaica and later migrated. My love for writing and travel turned into my blog A Sophisticated Chic, where I shared my scribblings and later travel and lifestyle tips.

I grew up poor in Jamaica and I felt as though I didn’t have many opportunities. So if ever I wanted to be something more than what was expected of me then I would have to create it. That’s what I set out to do, at 17th years old when I got my first “official” job.

Starting my work life at 17 was not a walk in the park at all and I didn’t discover my calling answering phones for E-Services International. It was a Fight. Several dead-end jobs, living with friends, moving from place to place. Life just seemed like a never-ending battle.

Let’s Talk Adventure

Then in 2010 I decided to hell with it all, this doesn’t seem to be working I need to discover something more. So, I travelled out of Jamaica. This trip was a defining moment for me and I realized that I wanted this to be a part of my life. Without being sure of how I would accomplish that in 2011 I set out to travel through South America and learn Spanish.

Buoy oh buoy was I in for a surprise! I was a store attendant, a waitress and a babysitter at sitter at some point or the other during my discovery of South America. Until I met this America in Columbia and we got to talking and he told how he was able to travel consistently by teaching English online. He gave some advice as to what course I needed to prepare myself and created a couple of profiles for me to get started.

Work on Yourself First

I took this a little further and got myself qualified as TOEFL instructor, TOESL and CELTA certified. This opened so many doors for me and things started to fall into place. By 2014 I had taught English in so many places both physical and virtual.

In 2014 I returned to Jamaica a reconnected with a young lady I knew years before and this meeting changed my life! Her lifestyle, goals, work ethic and everything that she was making happen in her life encouraged me and suddenly I could be more. My faith was renewed, I revisited my plans, my goals and decided I was going to start actively creating the life I wanted. Which was a life of freedom, time freedom, financial freedom, breaking generational curses and building a real legacy for my family? Just in case you were wondering.

About Destiny Empowers You

Now fast forward six years later and buoy has it been a wild ride! During that time Flamme Nue (Scented Products), OT virtual Solutions (virtual assistant company), A Sophisticated Chic (my blog) were all built by me. The Lord blessed me to travel to almost 40 countries and every day in every way I am getting better and better.

My experience has taught me the power of influence, of association and dreams. So I walk into my calling with no doubts whatsoever ready and willing to be that voice, that influence, a person that helps other women like me find their way to creating a life to be lived on their terms.

Empower Community, Entrepreneurship, Faith & Freedom

Through OT Virtual Solutions I’ve been involved with 20+ start-ups ranching from Real Estate Investors, Speakers, Coaches, Ecommerce gurus, Social Media Influences and more. I also participate in entrepreneurship and empowerment seminars in the USA, Canada and Jamaica. This lead to meeting some of the most amazing people some of which I’ve helped personally with their business growth.

This new initiative Destiny Empowers You #asophisticatedchic we as a consulting firm is focused on empowering Faith, community and freedom in women around us.

Let's Get Personal



I am living the dream at 30 with no plans of slowing down. I know how to build companies from the ground up and create wealth for my clients using Instagram. In my opinion, entrepreneurship is about solving problems, and that’s exactly what I pride myself in.


I wasn’t sure which way to go with my business. But with the help of Destiny and her team I got my first client and things are going well. Thanks Destiny!

Jonathan Alvarez

Virtual Assistant

I just had a baby and didn’t want to rejoin the workforce. Thanks to Destiny my business has been up and running for over a year now. 

Kayceon Robinson

Social Media Marketer

I had no idea what working from home was or how I was going to achieve it. I just knew I had no other option. Thanks to Destiny I have a fully functional home-based business.

Janice Griffin


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